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Own a home, have us do a healthy home checkup on the home to see what health or safety hazards may be in your home. There may be some maintenance items that have not been seen that will need attention before they become major problems. A check up on a home is recommended every three to five years.

Buying a home, when you buy a car you research it and test drive it. Now you can not test drive a home but hiring a home inspector will allow you to get a lot of research done on what is probably the biggest purchase of your life. The more you know about a home the better and more informed decision that can be made.

Selling a home, when you live in your home you do not see what a buyer might see. Most people have only looked at their roof from the ground and most have never been in their crawl space. A home inspection for a seller can give you that needed information before entering a transaction and can avoid that last minute thing the buyer sees and stops the sale all together.

Have a radon mitigation system, have us do the checkup and maintenance on the system. It is recommended to have the radon and system checked once every two years.

We also do air leakage test with a blower door and we do thermal imaging scans. Let us give your home an energy audit.

We also do new home construction oversight to make sure the contractor is working in your best interest. This is also a great time to deal with a possible radon issue is when the home is being built.

203k Home Consultant for 203k home loans.




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